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The lead teachers at Royal are professional RECE trained. All staff have chosen to work with children and families as their career. Through their training, teachers have developed an understanding of the processes involved in facilitating children's growth and development. They possess effective communication and interpersonal skills for relating to both children and adults. They have developed skills in observation, planning and evaluation. In addition teachers are encouraged to use and develop specialized abilities and pursue interests in areas such as music and art.

Teachers are given the major responsibility for providing a stimulating environment which supports the children and families enrolled.. This environment encludes both the physical set-up of the program and the delivery of the activities to the children. In addition the environment includes the atmosphere which is created by the staff's open, supportive, and responsive interactions to the needs of the children and families.

  • * All staff at Royal have criminal reference check.
  • * Staff at Royal have their first aid certification